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    Print on Demand

    Books on DemandSelf Publishing using Print on Demand services made easy!

    • Printing when books are ordered
    • Fast delivery to the customer
    • Royalties paid on book sales

    For more information on our print on demand services please click here.

    Simply; Print on Demand means printing books as and when they are ordered! This means no large volumes of stock are needed taking up valuable space and money.

    Unlike conventional book printing where you would print a short or large print run we use print on demand technology which means that your book is only printed when there is an order. This means that your book is never out of print.

    The great advantage with print on demand and our retail distribution system is that you don’t have to worry about book stocking. This is because once the retailer receives an order our printers are informed and will print your book (within 24-48 hours for a black and white book). The book will then be sent to the customer. This involves no work on your part and no extra costs to you as the retailer pays our printers direct for the book. We will log the sale and the royalties that you are owed.

    Our printer has printing presses in the UK and USA so your book will be printed in either country depending on where the book is to be sent. For example if your book was ordered from a customer in London using your book will be printed in the UK and sent to the customer. Or if a customer in New York orders your book from your book will be printed in the USA and sent to the customer.

    With Spiderwize you don’t have to worry about any other printing costs (unless you want to purchase your own copies to distribute by yourself). When you order your own copies from us at the author discount price we aim to print your order within 10 working days (15 days for colour books).

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