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    Spiderwize UK - Threads

    Price: £6.49
    Category: Poetry
    Book Code: SPIBISCOTTI
    ISBN: 9781911596608
    Author: Audrey Biscotti


    There are times in our lives when we hurt, from the joys and pains of the love in our hearts, from loss, from the unexpected or the actions of others. These scraps and fragments of life are what shape us. We carry these moments with us, leaving, weaving, binding threads that connect us to people, time and place. These poems are echoes of me, of mine, of a life imagined. An introspective, accessible collection of poetry looking at that what makes us human. You may well find a thread from your life reflected in these pages.

    Beautiful poetry written from the heart. It will make you smile and cry at the same time. The author’s observations of life will touch you in ways other poetry hasn't .

    Nick Strong, /5

    I don’t read poetry normally, but this was an enjoyable read. Real life poetry.

    E. Strong, 5/5

    A lovely book full of notes on life. Some of the poems make you laugh out loud, other really make you think. Wonderful.

    Rowan Berry, 5/5

    This book really touched me as an older woman, really personal writing.

    julie hardie , 5/5

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