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    The Social Tattoo

    Spiderwize UK - The Social Tattoo

    Price: £7.99
    Category: Health and Lifestyle
    Book Code: SPIWILLIAMS
    ISBN: 978-1-911596-72-1
    Author: Kelly Williams-Richardson


    We are a society learning to deal with the good and the bad of social media, adapting to 24-7 connectivity and trying to keep our kids safer. But do we really understand our responsibilities when it comes to sharing our lives online? Are we doing enough to protect ourselves and our children?

    The Social Tattoo explores the consideration that whoever you are, whatever your age and whatever you share online or via social media, it will become permanent - ‘inked’ onto your online profile forever. Can an ill-considered post or an inappropriate image ever truly be taken away? It might fade over time, you might try to delete it or laser it away, but the scar will always be there, faint but visible for all to see.

    The Social Tattoo is a book for parents, by parents, that openly discusses the benefits and challenges of social media for our children. Social media can be an incredible force for good and it is our responsibility, as parents, to ensure that our children’s social experiences are positive, safe and enriching.

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