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    Song On A Loop

    Spiderwize UK - Song On A Loop

    Price: £7.99
    Category: Fiction
    Book Code: SPIKRAMER
    ISBN: 9781911596813
    Author: Lily Kramer


    From the slums of post-war Manchester to the buzz of modern-day, cosmopolitan Brighton, the missing pieces of Alison’s life begin to slot into place so she can finally make sense of what she has done. Her insights help her to make reparations, but is it too late? Inspired by real-life events, ‘Song on a Loop’ will take you on a journey of discovery of how we are shaped by our parents, gender expectations and life experiences. Can we break cycles of abuse which permeate generations? Can we break free of those intent on destroying us? This poignant and emotionally-charged story of family tensions will have you reaching for the tissues, shouting at the injustice and, finally, rejoicing for the future.

    For further information and updates, visit the author's facebook page. Search: Lily Kramer, author.

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