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    Spiderwize UK - Honeysuckers

    Price: £6.99
    Category: Childrens
    Book Code: SPIROWLEY
    ISBN: 9781911596875
    Author: Mandy Rowley


    Honeysucker Hive is ‘un-bee-lievable’! It’s buzzing with excitement, and the honey-life here is so, so sweet. It’s simply the most perfect place to be a bee. (Or so you would think!) But... wait! Hang on just a moment! Why is Beelzebuzz lurking inside a toilet bowl? Why is Jellybee being forced to eat scorching hot sponge? And why is Warzap’s wasp army about to attack? What is going on? Find out as you follow the adventures of eight unique little Honeysuckers. Each one has a tale you won’t forget!

    A great little book. The stories are charming and the characters are cleverly imagined. Good for bedtime stories. Cute illustrations too!

    Pip Michaels, 5/5

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