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    Spiderwize UK - Click

    Price: £8.99
    Category: Fiction
    Book Code: SPIMEDLICOTT3
    ISBN: 9781912694303
    Author: Geoffrey Frank Medlicott


    An everyday story of love and life: a search for the perfect relationship. Set in the mid-nineties, when George Michael, The Verve and Duran Duran were topping the charts, Bridget Jones’s Diary had just been published, and smoking was permitted in most pubs and restaurants. ‘Click’ is an honest and thoughtful documentary of my life during that period. Jim Sender is forty-three and a veteran of the middle-aged single scene. Although outwardly confident, Jim is hopelessly confused about the way modern relationships work. Denise is thirty-three and is the complete antipathy of the modern independent woman. Shy, softly spoken and very vulnerable, she becomes the love of Jim’s life but, alas, he doesn’t realise it until he has lost her. Jim is so obsessed that he’s prepared to suffer endless rejections in his efforts to win her back. As he tries to mend his broken heart, he provides a fascinating insight into the world of singles nights, where the single and unattached try to avoid staying that way. This is where he attempts to make it click with Helen, the ultimate divorced and desperate cliché, Josey (Miss Whiplash) the man-eating business woman, Elle the ice maiden, Jeannette whose life revolves around her hypochondria and Sue the unpredictable Welsh siren. Cleverly interwoven through the story, Jim writes a novel about what’s actually happening in his life. He discusses it with his two mates – together they call themselves The Three Amigos – as they sit around the tapas bars and curry houses discussing the dubious virtues of bachelorhood. His career takes a distinct, upwardly mobile turn as he endeavours to get his book published and he discovers that an old school friend, who is a famous film director, has plans to turn his novel into a movie. Right up to the emotionally moving climax, Jim’s perspective on relationships will make you smile, make you laugh, make you cringe and even make you cry. 

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