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    Traditional Ju Jitsu Groundwork

    Spiderwize UK - Traditional Ju Jitsu Groundwork

    Price: £14.99
    Category: Sport
    Book Code: SPIPALMER
    ISBN: 9781911113973
    Author: Simon Palmer


    A comprehensive look at over 162 Ju Jitsu groundwork techniques (Newaza). Incorporating Holds, Pins, Leg locks, Arm locks, Wrist locks, Strangles and Neck cranks. With over 470 coloured photographs to follow, this is an easy to follow guide to fighting on the ground.

    Simon currently holds Dan grades in Bujutsu 5th Dan, Goshin Jutsu 5th Dan, Karate 4th Dan and Ju Jutsu 2nd Dan. He regularly teaches and trains at seminars to improve his knowledge in Martial arts and share that he knows with others. “It will be generally agreed that a manual of this quality should serve a double purpose, for not only is Ju Jitsu to be commended as an excellent form of exercise for adults and youngsters alike in developing all round physical development, but the mastery of even a few of its many holds, throws, strangles and arm locks affords the pupil of either sex a highly effective means of dealing with an attack.

    I have never been prone to advance exaggerated claims for the supernormal efficiency of any martial art against an armed and resolute aggressor, but none the less, within my own long experience, both as a pupil and now senior instructor, I firmly believe a Ju Jitsu training manual of this quality, coupled with regular exercise, preferably at a Ju Jitsu club, affords the best possible chance of surviving an attack.”

    Kevin Pell 9th Dan Hanshi Founder and Chief Instructor Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu National Representative European Ju Jitsu Union

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