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    The Mystery of a Lost Sword & Scimitar

    Spiderwize UK - The Mystery of a Lost Sword and Scimitar

    Price: £8.95
    Category: Fiction
    Book Code: SPIBALMFORD
    ISBN: 9781911596288
    Author: Betty Balmford


    This is a story for young persons under the age of 91! The story is told by Luke Gibbs now grown up with two sons of his own, of a summer holiday spent at his friend Guy Villiers’ house when both boys were eleven years old. Guy can trace his ancestry back to Norman times and he lived in a tudor mansion built in the time of Henry V111. Guy’s uncle tells the boys of ancestors who lived hundreds of years ago. There was a young man who joined the Knights Templar in 1186 and fought in a horrendous Crusader battle. He survived, bringing back the Sword and the Scimitar. After the English Civil War, a royalist family vanishes when trying to escape Oliver Cromwell. At that time a vast family treasure disappears including the Sword and Scimitar. The family has spent the last three hundred years looking for it. Will the conundrum, found in a secret box by the boys, have the answer? Where is the treasure – in the secret passages – or can they find that secret room? Can you answer the conundrum before they do? Other features in the story include a day’s fishing on the Thames, Luke’s Grandpa crashing his Spitfire in France in WW2 and the boy’s failure to put up a tent. I hope you enjoy my book.

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