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    Story of a 60's Drummer

    Spiderwize UK - Story of a 60's Drummer

    Price: £10.99
    Category: Biography and Memoirs
    Book Code: SPICOFFILS
    ISBN: 9781911596677
    Author: Charlie Coffils


    This is the story of a wee boy from a family in Glasgow, Scotland who grew up to experience the dream of appearing with the legendary Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) on Cartoone’s debut album on the famous Atlantic Record label, and also touring the USA in support of Led Zeppelin and other great bands.


    Never in his wildest dreams would he have believed that he would share the stage with the best drummer in the world, John Bonham, plus Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, when Zeppelin were just starting out and trying to break America.  That is what most musicians hope to achieve, but most never do.


    And then tragedy struck...




    ‘Charlie could be the next John Bonham’

    Maggie Bell & Les Harvey (Stone-The-Crows) in 1969


    ‘Long term, we have the most faith in UK bands Led Zeppelin and Scottish band Cartoone to do well’

    Jerry Wexler & Ahmet Ertegun (Atlantic Records) in 1968


    ‘Really enjoyed the Cartoone CD Charlie, real 60s stuff, excellent.’

    Richard Desmond (OK/Express/Channel 5/Health Lottery)




    After I have recouped all my initial costs of producing this book for publication, half of my royalties will be shared between the following cancer groups:


    ‘Second Chancers Head & Neck Cancer Support Group’




    ‘Shout At Cancer’ (Laryngectomy Charity Group)

    This book is beautifully written from the heart he is obviously not only a talented drummer but a brilliant author too. I was captivated from page 1 with this wonderful man's life's experiences

    Linda Morey , 5/5

    Loved this book read it in one day as i couldnt put it down. Heartfelt from the very first page the stort of a rise and fall of fame, love of family through traumatic times also the strength of character of this wonderful man who despite all the many times life got him down he dusted himself off and put on a smile for the world he is one of lifes true fighters agsinst all the odds. He met some amazing and famous people on the way with many fantastic experiences. This is a must read. You will not put it down...


    Once I began reading this book I could not put it down until I had finished. Covers various aspects of the Authors life including involvement in the swinging 60’s music scene. A truly inspirational book for all and a very worth-while read.

    Lane H, 5/5

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