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    Sport's Open Secrets

    Spiderwize UK - Sport's Open Secrets

    Price: £11.80
    Category: Sport
    Book Code: SPIRUSSELL
    ISBN: 9781908128324
    Author: Gordon W Russell


    Simply put, an “open” secret is defined as “ ... information that is not widely known despite being freely available”. Sport’s Open Secrets reveals 115 pieces of sports knowledge that lie hidden away in dusty journals and only occasionally trickle down to the general public. Each secret has been investigated by leading social scientists expert in their respective fields. Prof. Russell highlights fresh evidence that challenges common assumptions, dispels myths, refutes near-sacred beliefs and exposes judgmental bias and corruption. Secret titles include: “the Sophomore Jinx”, “Soccer Shootouts”, “Yikes! It’s the Yips”, “Trigger Fingers”, and “Fans’ Moods and the Stock Market”.

    Performance tips are scattered throughout the book. Recreational athletes and top flight Olympic hopefuls alike will find tactics that just might ratchet their performance up a notch. The book is truly international involving researchers on six continents and 25 sports ranging from football, soccer and figure skating to tennis, golf and swimming. Technical jargon has been reduced to everyday language making for an extraordinarily clear and pleasurable read.

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