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    Running Away From Home

    Spiderwize UK - Running Away From Home

    Price: £6.99
    Category: Short Stories
    Book Code: SPISYME
    ISBN: 9781908026002
    Author: David Syme


    David Syme is a keen traveler and runner and has combined the two whenever possible to explore foreign lands "on foot".  As a linguist he worked for NATO in China, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, while expeditions and holidays have enabled him to explore Africa and the Americas; running shoes were always first into the suitcase.  Not a camera-user, he uses the printed word as a reminder of some of his more memorable runs, many of which were "out of the comfort zone"! 

    Having inspired his son and daughter to run, they too have contributed accounts of  "runs away from home", as have two of David's running friends from Harmeny Athletic.

    This is a light-hearted, entertaining collection of short stories about running.  David says “We all hope this book will inspire readers to consider any travel away from home as an opportunity to seek new running challenges".

    The entire royalties from the sale of this book will go to Tong-Len, a charity for street children in Northern India.  It was founded by an Edinburgh family who saw them and decided to do something.  Direct contact can be made at


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