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    Spiderwize UK - Ministrycraft

    Price: £6.00
    Category: Religion and Spirituality
    Book Code: SPINICOL
    ISBN: 9781907294181
    Author: John C Nicol


    “Be yourself!”

    “Bang some heads together!”

    “Sometimes the best thing to do if we are under extreme stress is just run away.” 

    “There have to be times when we are human enough to actually

     do nothing without feeling great mountains of guilt.”

    These are just a few quotes from “Ministrycraft” which maybe give an inkling of what the book is about and the easy informal style in which it is written.

    John Nicol has brought a wealth of experience both inside and outside the Church at home and abroad to what he makes clear is “a very personal look at some aspects of ministry” and he has done it with a quirky sense of humour which makes it fun to read even if you are not a minister.  He looks at areas of “ministrycraft” you might expect such as leading worship and pastoral care, but also at some that are definitely different, such as communication, organisation and management, the church office and the church secretary and the ministry of time, and invites his readers to look at questions like “What kind of minister do you want to be?”

    As well as serving parishes in Buenos Aires, Bonnyrigg, and Bridge of Allan, John Nicol worked for ten years in NHS administration, five of these as Secretary of Edinburgh District Local Health Council (the public’s voice in the NHS), and five with Argyll and Clyde Health Board.  He is a graduate of Glasgow University (MA and BD) and holds the professional qualification in health service administration of the Institute of Health Care Management.   Since retiring he has served for three years on the Fife and Forth Valley Health Boards Ethics of Medical Research Committee.   He recently won a first prize in the “Parables for Today” short story competition organised to mark the bicentenary of the Scottish Bible Society.   

    “If you are looking for a treatise on the theological background to the nature of Christian ministry this book is not for you!”

       “If it speaks to you, inspires you a little, or even irritates you into action on any aspect of “ministrycraft” I shall be more than content.”


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