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    Loyalty: Secrets

    Spiderwize UK - Loyalty: Secrets

    Price: £5.99
    Category: Fiction
    Book Code: SPIWILTCHER
    ISBN: 9781911113829
    Author: David Wiltcher


    Do we owe ultimate loyalty and allegiance to others or to causes? Why? Kathy, an orphaned and feisty child and young woman, instinctively rebellious, drawn to challenges, a chancer but an idealist, is compelled to confront these issues, making choices and commitments that have major political and personal impacts on herself and others who are drawn to her.

    The story follows her journey from quiet East Anglia to the growing nightmare of 1930s Berlin, meeting an inspirational agent, then fighting her way out and across Europe to confront new challenges and dangers in wartime and post-war London. Here she discovers her true identity, a name change, and is compelled into an ideological choice of allegiance.

    These are worlds of dreadful violence and hatreds, of nationalisms and developing Cold War conflicts, of treachery, paranoia and endless intrigue, of secrecy and deadly ideological rivalries, times of lethal danger.

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