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    How to Learn English Quickly

    Spiderwize UK - How to Learn English Quickly

    Price: £11.99
    Category: How To Guides
    Book Code: SPIMITCHELL
    ISBN: 9781907294271
    Author: Michael Mitchell



    How to Learn English Quickly: Choose to:

    Have fun learning, but with serious intentions. Persevere purposefully and with persistence. Adopt an optimistic attitude: give and receive. Have a desire to listen and to communicate. Write a lot, but Keep It Simple Sweetheart. Employ facts, colours, music and your 5 senses. Create your own library. Put ideas into practice. Gain knowledge. Improve yourself. Be civil. Be strong, allow change, be flexible and bend. Develop self-confidence. Admire your progress. Generate creative thinking and movement. Express feelings. Be willing to speak your view. Find reasons to read this book regularly. Act safely, yet love to go out and explore!

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