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    For the Love of Perc

    Spiderwize UK - For the Love of Perc

    Price: £6.99
    Category: Biography and Memoirs
    Book Code: SPIDAWNY
    ISBN: 9781908026019
    Author: Caz Dawny


    When I lost my dearest youngest son, I, like thousands of others who suffer a great loss of a loved one or a very dear friend, would wonder, do they live on, or is this the end? Convinced it was the latter—I was dying. Then in some of my blackest days, he’d come to cheer, pulling me for brief moments out of the darkness—with such unbelievable happenings—happenings I could never ever explain

    This is a record of my own personal experiences. Though I never aspired to be a writer, these events just had to be jotted down and kept. Feeling so honoured and humbled by all this amazing help I’d received; I purchased a computer and with great joy compiled this book. I’d like to think my journal might give some help or comfort to others in a similar situation

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