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    A Desire for Vengeance

    Spiderwize UK - A Desire for Vengeance

    Price: £14.99
    Category: Fiction
    Book Code: SPIPUTTOCK
    ISBN: 9781908128553
    Author: L.R. Puttock


    Bosnia, June 1992

    The dissolution of Yugoslavia has descended into brutal civil war, and a new phrase enters the dictionary: Ethnic Cleansing. The conflict should have been prevented by the Lisbon Agreement, but why did one of the signatories renege on the deal?

    England, September 1992

    Undercover intelligence officer Sandy Harris is a woman with a secret: a secret so sensitive it could destroy the credibility of the United Nations forces in Bosnia. Haunted by memories of an MI6 mission that ended in betrayal and tragedy, Sandy’s efforts to return to normal life are thrown into disarray when she finds herself the target of a mysterious but remorseless enemy.

    MI5 officer David Richardson is tasked with discovering Sandy’s secret and protecting her – as much from herself as from those hunting her. The line between their professional and personal relationships becomes blurred as David realises that he is falling in love with her.

    When Sandy’s rebellious nature places her in further jeopardy, she and David uncover a terrifying conspiracy that threatens nothing less than global war, with cultures and religions pitted against one another.

    As the conspiracy unravels, Sandy knows she must risk everything to protect those she loves – and to avenge those for whom it is too late.

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