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    How to Self Publish

    Whether you're new to self publishing or you have self published a book before, Spiderwize are here for you, below we have explained, simply, the process we will follow to bring your book to life.

    • Submit your completed manuscript for a free evaluation
    • Decide on a self publishing package with the help of your personal publishing assistant
    • Sit back and let us bring your book to life



    Step 1. Free Self Publishing Evaluation


    The first step in self publishing with Spiderwize is for you to send us your manuscript for a free evaluation; you will be assigned a personal publishing assistant who will look after you and your manuscript throughout the self publishing process. Your manuscript is passed to our highly experienced team of editors who will read through it and complete an evaluation report for you. This report is a valuable tool for all authors; it gives honest and clear feedback on the manuscript.

    You might like to read some editing tips written by our senior edior Jenni before submitting your manuscript.

    Submit Your Manuscript

    Step 2. Decide on a Self Publishing Package


    If after your free evaluation you decide to go ahead and self publish your book with us at Spiderwize we can help you decide which publishing package is best for you depending on your requirement.

    Self Publishing Packages

    Step 3. Deposit Paid & Design Starts


    Once you have decided on a package, your personal publishing assistant will arrange to take a 50% deposit from you, design work will then start on your manuscript to get a proof copy ready to send out to you.

    Step 4. Check Proofs


    Once we have formatted your manuscript and designed your cover options, we will send you a proof copy of your book. The format of the proof will depend on the package you have chosen. You can then read through your proof and confirm it is to satisfaction, or you can provide us with a list of corrections which we will make for you. Once you are happy with your proof, we will arrange to take the remaining 50% of your publishing package fee.

    Step 5. Spiderwize Magic - Go to Press


    That's it - sit back and relax. It is now when your personal production assistant will work away getting your book ready for publication and your author copies printed. Once the behind the scenes work is done your book will be available to buy from all major online and high street bookshops e.g. Amazon, Water stones, WHSmiths and many many more... Your book will be available to print at any time.