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    Book Cover Design

    They say ‘never judge a book by its cover’ but the fact is that people do!

    Most readers can tell whether a cover has been professionally designed and this may inform their decision whether to buy the book or not. That’s why a professional cover design is included in all of our publishing packages.

    We now also offer cover design and book formatting/typesetting as stand-alone services. Contact us for more information.

    A word from our Chief Designer, Camilla:

    Here at Spiderwize, we strive to achieve your book's full potential and, as designers, we like to get involved in every step of creating the aesthetics of your book.

    Examples of Work:

    I can receive my brief in one of two ways. A face-to-face meeting with an author can sometimes be more personal if you have your own ideas to convey, or simply a written description passed on through your publishing assistant.

    Here are some things to think about when considering your cover design:

    - Is the book to be part of a series? Does it need to match existing or future books?

    - Who is the target audience? A target audience helps market your book effectively ‐ gender, age group, defining characteristics.

    - Is there a theme running throughout the book or a key image you wish to see? We recommend only a few key features appear on the cover to make the reader feel something rather than tell them something.

    - What is the tone of the book and what is your attitude towards the subject ‐ serious, funny, romantic?

    After discussing preferences and skimming your work, I'll have a good feel and impression of your book. I'll then create your cover design and it's up to you to give the go-ahead. I really enjoy capturing the essence of an author's idea and getting it just right.

    We have access to a vast library of stock images, but we are happy to use any images you wish to supply.

    We'll provide a PDF or bound proof at various stages of your book; from these you can make tweaks and amendments to your liking.

    Contact us for more information.