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    Writing Still Matters

    Date Posted: 16/02/2012 | Category: Writing,

    Writing Still Matters

    The other day I was talking about the fact that writing matters, regardless of financial success, or whether you are published by a big firm or prefer to go the self publishing route instead. Today I thought I'd continue this little theme, since frankly, I'm just getting warmed up.

    Another reason why writing matters is that it is an absolute fact that your writing can live longer than you do. Think about it - even if you never become a bestseller, whatever writing you do can still last a long time, providing both entertainment and an insight into your own self for generations of your family to come. If you do manage even a modicum of success, your work has the chance of being discovered and celebrated, and of affecting people for potentially hundreds of years after you yourself have departed this mortal coil.

    Affecting people is actually yet another important reason why writing matters. Writing can touch people you'll never meet, in places you'll never go. Even something as simple as a blog with a very limited readership can still reach out and touch someone, affect their lives for the better. Even fan fiction, often a form of writing sneered at by many can produce some often beautiful, haunting, touching pieces of prose that can genuinely affect and move another human being, perhaps in another country, or many years after it was actually written. That's power. That's writing.

    p.s. Writing can change lives.

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