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    Writing Software 2 - The Sequel

    Date Posted: 20/06/2011 | Category: Writing, Self Publishing,

    Writing Software 2 - The Sequel

    At the beginning of the week I took a brief look at a couple of the options for writing software for your computer, since some of us still prefer the old fashioned method of pen and paper (pardon me while I fetch my walking stick), the fact is most writing of all sorts, whether in self publishing or otherwise, is performed electronically these days.

    Probably the best-known writing software of them all is of course Microsoft Word, which normally comes as part of the Microsoft Office suite. There are about three versions of Office (not counting all the various updates in different years, obviously), the full standard version (which generally costs £180 to £230) and the Home and Student one, which you can usually pick up for around £70 to £100. In addition to Word, which works as a very effective word processor, Office standard version also comes with Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, enabling you to create spreadsheets, presentations and manage email.

    Less well known but still pretty good (especially as it's completely free) is Word Viewer, a very simple program that allows people who don't have Word to look at, print and even copy Word documents.

    p.s. There are many more options available for writing software, which I will continue to look at from time to time.

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