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    Writing Inspiration by Spiderwize Author Bryen Gaskel

    Date Posted: 22/04/2015 | Category:

    Writing Inspiration by Spiderwize Author Bryen Gaskel

    Spiderwize author Bryen Gaskell reveals his journey to becoming a self published author of The Bread & The Wine


    Have you ever met someone who has had their face badly burnt in an explosion I was once that person and it was this event that initiated a series of strange occurrences that led me to write this book on the bread and the wine. Although I had desired to write a book for many years I just never new what to write about. This is a brief account of why I wrote about the bread and the wine. Once you have become a born again Christian and then look back to see where and when God became involved in your life you find he was always involved in your life. This means that a starting point is difficult to find. With this in mind the starting point I have chosen is when Joyce, my wife, was expecting our second child. We had immigrated to South Africa and lived in a small town called Meyerton some miles south of Johannesburg. Joyce and I both wanted our child christened so we joined the local Anglican Church. Ultimately we became members of this church for fourteen years. Each Sunday we would take the Bread and Wine at communion, but I never understood why, or what it was all about. It was prepared by the Priest who always had his back to the congregation and no one knew what he did or said. For me this whole ceremony was fascinating and I wanted to know more about it, I wanted to understand its origin and meaning. I spoke to the Priest and asked him about it, but he had no answers, just Jesus said we must do it. Not having a bible I borrowed one from the church to find out where Jesus said we must take the Bread and Wine. As I began to read I discovered that whenever the disciples did not understand something they would ask Jesus questions about it. When I came to the upper room I noticed the disciples did not ask any questions. It was obvious they knew something that I did not. I resolved to find out just what it was they knew. However, at this time there was a big change in our circumstances which necessitated us moving to Cape Town a thousand miles away. We started off living in a mobile home and at this time the international surfing championships were taking place in Cape Town. Both my sons wanted to see them, so we went down to the beach early to secure a good position for the following morning. By this time it was going dark and I decided to light the small gas lamp. As I lit the gas it escaped and the gas cylinder blew up in my face. Instantly my nylon shirt was on fire and melting down my arms,  my beard and hair were on fire, my wife was in front of me my two sons behind me; everyone was screaming while  I was burning to death in front of my family. In the midst of this incredibly frightening situation somehow I heard a still small quite voice, it said “Blow Bryen –Blow”: It might sound silly or even ridiculous but in my situation I would have done anything. What did I do, I blew fit to bust not knowing if it would make any difference. The fire went out and so did I, bursting out of our mobile home I ran off down the beach towards the sea. I do not know exactly how long I was gone it felt like a long time and I was frightened about the way I must look. The strange thing was, at this time I felt no pain but I never even noticed this fact. As you walk into the mobile home you were confronted by a full length mirror, and I just did not want to look in it. Joyce said to me “you had better come in Bryen; you cannot stay outside all night”. As I went in and looked into the mirror I saw there was not a mark on me, no burns on my arms, my face unmarked with the exception of a red tip on my nose. Both my hair and beard not even singed, all that remained was a melted nylon shirt lying on the floor. It was then I heard the voice again it said “ Isaiah 43: 1-2”. The next day we bought a bible found the book of Isaiah and read:-

     But now thus says the Lord that created you, O, Jacob and he that Formed you O, Israel fear not: For I have redeemed you, I have called you by your name: You are mine. When you pass through the waters I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you: When you walk through the fire you shall not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon you.

     From that moment on I knew I belonged to Jesus, Joyce and I joined a Pentecostal church, and so began the most incredible journey, it was the journey of a lifetime as we began to learn about the Bread and Wine



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