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    Writing fiction advice - be yourself

    Date Posted: 06/02/2012 | Category: Writing,

    Writing fiction advice - be yourself

    Many writers, be they in the self publishing field or otherwise, can find writing fiction a great challenge. Not that I'm suggesting non-fiction is a walk in the park, but to be out on your own and trying to create a story that will grip people is certainly no mean feat. The thing to remember is that it is not just the story but also the characters that are important in keeping the reader interested.

    After all, a TV show lasts about an hour while even the longest "Harry Potter" movie lasts 2 1/2 hours at the most - a book, on the other hand, takes up to ten hours for the average reader to get through. Ten hours is a very long time, so those characters - whether they're good, evil or somewhere in between - had definitely better be seriously interesting in order to justify your reader's investment.

    Another tip is simply to write like you. This simply means to develop your own style of writing and not to try to emulate someone else's. If you have a sense of humour (and if you don't, you have bigger problems than trying to self-publish a book, let's face it) that humour should bleed through into your characters and your work. If there is a big idea in your work, make sure it's an idea that you are taken with. This isn't just for your readers' sake - it's for your own. Trying to write a novel about something you don't care about in a style that isn't your own is practically guaranteeing failure before you've even started.

    p.s. In writing, as in life - be yourself.

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