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    Write a Storybook Book - Aid To Authors

    Date Posted: 10/05/2011 | Category: Editing, Self Publishing, Writing,

    Write a Storybook Book - Aid To Authors

    Aside from general writing tips, something else I plan to do on a regular basis, as a part of this blog, is to highlight free software or services that could be helpful to all you writers out there. Some of these will sometimes be related to self publishing, while some will be just related to writing in general.

    One piece of software that you lot might find useful is known as Storybook. Storybook is intended as an aid in the purposes of writing a novel, with the aim of assisting writers in giving them an overview of all the plot threads they are layering into their masterwork, so they do not slip up and forget to resolve some of them (which would be rather embarrassing, you have got to admit!). Storybook enables writers everywhere to store info about their plot lines and all of the characters they have throughout their piece of fiction as well as keeping track of chapters, locations featured in the plot and even scene-by-scene developments. There are in fact three major ways to view your work in Storybook. You can choose from Chronological View (which simply shows the scenes in their normal order but not including chapters), Manage Chapters, Scenes (which shows all scenes in their respective chapters and can be arranged as you see fit), and the Book View, which simply shows all the chapters and scenes, as they would be when printed.

    The interface is thankfully pretty easy to come to grips with, and perhaps most importantly for writers the world over, it is free of charge.

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