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    The Importance of Research in the self publishing field or otherwise

    Date Posted: 11/05/2011 | Category:

    The Importance of Research in the self publishing field or otherwise

    One important tip for all writers, whether in the self publishing field or otherwise, is to do your research. Yes, I know, in the general scheme of writing related endeavors, doing research is, for a lot of writers, about as much fun as a root canal, but the sad reality is that it's a vital part of the process that far too many would be scribes skimp on far too much of the time. Whatever the subject is that you are putting pen to paper about, you need to have thoroughly researched the topic in question from all angles.

    Even the writing of something as personal as a family memoir or even an autobiography still requires some research. Some people may remember some events in your life slightly differently than you do yourself, or would perhaps even be able to at least lend a different perspective on circumstances that you had not previously considered. Whatever you are writing, your readership trusts you to actually know what you are talking about and you owe it to them to ensure that you have all the facts at your disposal before you even put down the first words.

    If you are writing fiction, you still have to get the details right, be they about police procedures, the law, or even just the accurate details relating to specific location and even fantasy needs to be grounded in some form of reality to be able to convince the reader of its legitimacy.

    p.s. Research is a key weapon in the writer's arsenal. Do not waste it.

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