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    The Bread & The Wine Author Bryen Gaskell Question Time

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    The Bread & The Wine Author Bryen Gaskell Question Time

    What inspired you to start writing?

    I have wanted to write a book from the age of twelve years old, but I never could understand what verbs, nouns, and adjectives were, or where commas and all the other stuff went. After many years of having to write technical manuals, a casual conversation with our family Doctor was the trigger.  

    How long did your manuscript take to complete?

    This particular manuscript took about one year to write.

    Did you suffer from writers block? If so what advice do you have for other authors who are struggling?

    On this my first book I did not suffer from writers block. However, I also write many seminar teaching papers, and a one hour sermon paper for presentation every two weeks. In some of these instances I do suffer from writer’s block, for me it means I am doing too much writing and research, so I just take a break. My wife Joyce and I will go out for the day have a rest and just pass the time in general fellowship, this with some good strong coffee has served well thus far.

    Do you wish you had to start to write sooner in life?

    Yes, Yes, Yes, I certainly do.

    Any tips or advice for other authors out there wanting to Self Publish?

    All my writing has been nonfiction, (I am very poor at writing dialogue). I always ensure that when I write I have done sufficient research to provide accurate source evidence. I do this so that I may write with credulity, because if I do not….. I am writing a manuscript based on insufficient evidence. This makes me guilty of writing fallacy with authority.

    How did you find the process of self publishing with Spiderwize?

    Fantastic, what a great team they are.


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