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    Self Publishing Tips: Research

    Date Posted: 26/05/2011 | Category: Self Publishing, Writing,

    Self Publishing Tips: Research

    Going the self publishing route is an appealing idea, especially in these days when self published books can actually end up on bestseller lists. That does not mean that it is an easy route to take, however, and if you really expect to become a success by going down that road, there are some vital tips to follow to avoid your work becoming just another self published book that no one reads.

    The first thing you need when considering self publishing is knowledge. Self publishing is a business like any other, and needs to be approached as such. You need to do your research - read books, go to seminars and learn from those who already have experience in the field. Another good idea is to check out what kind of books have already been self published and what has worked and what hasn't. It's also important not to follow the crowd too much - if there are hundreds of books on a particular subject or topic, the last thing you want your work to be is just another on top of a very large pile - at least unless you are absolutely confident that you can really bring something sparkling and new to the genre.

    One of the most important tips is to write a book that other people are actually going to want to read. If you're just writing for your own vanity, so be it, but if you expect to be popular, your life story is unlikely to hold much appeal to the wider reading public.

    p.s. Self publishing your book requires a lot of thought in order to be a success.

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