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    Self publishing a manuscript - 5 tips before you publish

    Date Posted: 24/06/2011 | Category: Writing, Self Publishing, Editing,

    Self publishing a manuscript - 5 tips before you publish

    Do you have a manuscript collecting dust (maybe electronic dust)? If you have in the past submitted your manuscript to mainstream publishers or if your manuscript would only appeal to a niche market then self publishing your manuscript may be the route to take. But before you take the plunge and go the self publishing route we have some tips below:

    1. Spelling / Grammar: Is your book ready for the general public to read? Make sure that your manuscript has been thoroughly proofread. It is highly advisable that you get someone else to proofread your manuscript. It is so important to make a good impression to the reader. If your reader starts finding spelling and grammatical errors it can be a real turn-off and seriously damage the potential of your book being taken seriously.
    2. Copyright and defamation of character: Before you publish a book it is imperative that you own or have permission to publish all of the contents that are contained in your manuscript. This also includes images. As the author you need to make sure your book does not contain anything libellous that someone might take offence to. You may wish to read our blog Avoiding Defamation of Character. Remember when you are self publishing in most cases it will be up to you the author to make sure your book does not break any copyrights or contains anything libellous against an individual or groups.
    3. Storyline / narrative: You may wish to get a trusted friend to read your manuscript and ask for comments to the storyline / narrative. This can help to iron out any confusing or hard to read sections of your manuscript. This is also a good test to see someone's response to your work though remember as you are getting a friend to read your work you may not receive the same response from the general public.
    4. Distribution: It is a good idea to get an idea now what type of availability to the general market you want your book to have. Do you only want to sell your own copies or do you want your book to be available for sale on retail websites? Deciding this now will help you to find the right publishing service that is suitable for your needs.

    I hope the above will be of some help to you self publishing your manuscript. If you think there are any other useful steps that should be included then we welcome you to add comments below.

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