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    Peter Caton Author of Josh:Hero Question Time

    Date Posted: 05/06/2015 | Category:

    Peter Caton Author of Josh:Hero Question Time

    Book title: Josh: Hero

    Author: Peter Caton

    What inspired you to start writing? 
    Family members asked me to put into print a bedtime story from long ago. It took about six months before I started to write it. Once I had started, I found I enjoyed it, I had a talent for it, and I continued to write other material.

    How long did your manuscript take to complete? 
    About two years. I juggled writing with my employment, so I did ten minutes here, an hour there, and had no deadline. I simply enjoyed creating a story in my own time without the pressure.

    Did you suffer from writer's block? If so what advice do you have for other authors who are struggling? 
    In the case of
    Josh:Hero, I had no blocks because I was full of inspiration and it kept coming: I knew the story I wanted to write. At other times, I have had writer's block. I would say to others: if you're blocked, don't panic! Make use of the time, change gear, enjoy the time off from writing intensely, and trust your inner creative skills to come up with something when you're ready. Writing, like driving, cannot be spent always in the fast lane!

    Do you wish you had to start to write sooner in life? 
    Yes. Circumstances were different then, and my 'success' as a writer would have probably been different, too. But would that earlier writing have crushed other important successes I achieved? On reflection, my skill and enjoyment in writing creatively came later in life and I have no regrets there.

    Any tips or advice for other authors out there wanting to Self Publish? 
    Not much advice, because my one book did not, for various reasons, become a success commercially and I am disappointed in that. Firstly, beware vanity publishers who will take an unreasonable or criminal amount of money from you for the 'privilege'. Secondly, search until you've found a reputable company that 'rings true' when you deal with them and gives you great value and product for your money. Thirdly, be prepared to work hard at your end to 'sell' your book. (I did not!) If you're not excited about your work, how do you expect others to be thrilled with it? Fourthly, it helps if you have money behind you. It's not critical, but it helps.

    How did you find the process of self-publishing with Spiderwize? 
    Although I had only one book published with Spiderwize, I found the whole experience good. Professional, extremely helpful at every stage, and extremely talented artists! Purely on a personal note, I thought the fee was a little too much for the finished product. But overall I've no regrets: a great service, totally trustworthy, and a pleasure to do business with. Thank you!

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