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    More Self Publishing Tips: Marketing Research

    Date Posted: 27/05/2011 | Category: Marketing, Self Publishing, Writing,

    More Self Publishing Tips: Marketing Research

    Continuing on from yesterday's blog post, I thought I'd add a few more tips for those of you into the whole self publishing game (hey, when you're on a roll, it's best just to go with it, after all).

    Serious self publishers need to start thinking about the marketing of their book probably before they've even starting putting pen to paper (or "turning on Word" perhaps, the former makes me sound about 80 years old, doesn't it?). You need to find the market for your potential book and then work out how exactly you are going to target them. Let's face it, there may well be a potentially sizeable readership for your work, but if you can't find a way for them to even realise your book actually exists, it's not going to do you a great deal of good in the long term. Make a list of which associations, catalogues, newsletters, and magazines you could target in order to market your book to the right people. Look through your personal and professional contacts and see if you can identify anyone who could possibly help you with the process.

    Another important tip is to find the right title for your book. It might sound simple and obvious, but you could have written the greatest book ever (self) published and yet if you call it something incredibly dull chances are no one will pick it up and find that out. The title needs to be snappy, to the point and interesting without being too clever.

    p.s. When it comes to self publishing, it's all about marketing.

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