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    More Self Publishing Tips

    Date Posted: 07/06/2011 | Category: Writing, Self Publishing, Marketing, Editing, Marketing, Self Publishing, Writing,

    More Self Publishing Tips

    Self publishing is what we're all about here, of course, so I thought I'd use today's blog to add a few more tips as to how to give your book the best possible chance of success out there in the big wide world.

    One good tip is to make sure that your book includes all the things that are vital to any professional publication, such as an ISBN number and so forth, as well as a barcode on the back of the cover. Speaking of the cover, this is something that is also very important and something that tends to trip many self publishers up. The cover is the public face of your work, and if it looks bland, boring and unprofessional, it doesn't matter how good the contents are, because chances are no one will pick it up to find out. It may cost be a bit more, but getting a professional in cover design to create the cover for your work will give your book perhaps its biggest chance of gaining an audience.

    Another tip is that, if you are self publishing in real rather than just electronic form, use a genuine book manufacturer to print your tome. Trying to use the local print shop to deliver a professional product is, trust me on this, only going to end in disaster and probably lots and lots of yelling.

    p.s. Taking care of the little things is a big part of success.

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