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    Martin Wild Author of Twice Time Telling Question Time

    Date Posted: 05/06/2015 | Category:

    Martin Wild Author of Twice Time Telling Question Time

    Book title: Twice Times Telling - The books of the bible in poetry

    Author: Martin Wild

    What inspired you to start writing? 

    Simply put, my Christian faith, and a desire to provide a way for people to "taste and see" that the bible is relevant and readable in the 21st century. I also simply wanted to try writing poetry in a sustained way having written sporadically in previous years.

    How long did your manuscript take to complete? 

    About 6 months from start to finish to write all 66 poems.

    Did you suffer from writers block? If so what advice do you have for other authors who are struggling? 

    Yes most certainly. I had deliberately set out to write the anthology in their "canonical sequence" and did not want to deviate from that commitment. When I sat to write (which I tried to do most days) I would settle myself emotionally and spiritually for a few minutes and then take up either pen and paper or even sit directly at my computer keyboard. I would have read over the text and also reference other resources (I have multiple translations and historical reference materials). I would then write spontaneously allowing the words to flow onto the page. If I got stuck I would wait for a few more minutes, occasionally backtracking or starting over. if however, I could not settle to the piece I would pack away and come back again later in the day or the following day(s) until the material found its form. I intentionally did not attempt to work and rework materials for hours. I was either in the right frame of mind to write or wasn't.

    Do you wish you had to start to write sooner in life? 

    Not really

    Any tips or advice for other authors out there wanting to Self Publish? 

    Go for it. It’s fun, satisfying and stimulating

    How did you find the process of self-publishing with Spiderwize? 

    Pretty simple and understandable and also quite quick. I have been delighted with the end result and can still hardly believe I have a book on my shelf with my own name on it!


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