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    How to Ask a Blogger to Review Your Book

    Date Posted: 31/10/2016 | Category:

    How to Ask a Blogger to Review Your Book

    We asked Renee Conoulty, author and avid book blogger, to contribute to our blog...


    Pitching to a book blogger for a review:

    1. Read their blog first! – Do they enjoy the same genre of book as yours? Are their reviews positive?

    2. Some bloggers have a ‘review policy’, find it, read it and follow it!

    3. Supply people you want reviews from with at least the bare minimum:  Cover image, blurb, genre, available formats, page count and links as to where to buy it from.

    4. Follow them on social media! This may help the blogger recognise your name and they’ll appreciate the effort made to follow them.

    5. Write a personal request. Take some time to impress them, a common interest relevant to your book perhaps. Tell them why they would like your book, especially if it’s similar to one they like. If you followed step 1 then you are sure to have found a blog post you enjoyed, this is worth mentioning.

    6. Have confidence in your book! Don’t be pushy as essentially you’re asking for a favour.

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