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    Helping Your Writing - give your mind 'permission' to write

    Date Posted: 21/05/2011 | Category:

    Helping Your Writing - give your mind

    Whether you are sending your book off to a publisher or are intending to go the route of self publishing, the thing that is of the first and foremost importance is the writing itself. The creative - rather than technical - aspect of writing comes from an instinctual, almost primal, part of yourself and that is what needs to be tapped into in order to create a work that will is much more likely to be able to touch the heart and soul of the reader.

    One suggestion for being able to do this is to sit down and just try to write at least one or two pages with your eyes shut. Yes, I know this probably sounds a bit mental to begin with - and if you're anything like me you'll probably end up writing on your trousers instead of the page - but that doesn't matter. It doesn't even matter if what you've written ends up being legible or not (I'm guessing 'not'). The technique is apparently just to give your mind 'permission' to write whatever the hell it feels like without the usual barriers clamping down on its creativity and while the writing itself will most probably end up being completely unusable, it may just spark some cool ideas that will get you where you need to go.

    Another, perhaps less 'wacky' way of lighting the creative fires is to just try writing with some music in the background. What kind of music is down to you - just try a few different types and see which one has the biggest effect.

    p.s. There are many ways to light the spark of creativity.

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