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    Heart and Soul: Writing Becomes Before Editing

    Date Posted: 20/05/2011 | Category: Editing, Self Publishing, Writing, Books, Editing, Marketing, Self Publishing, Writing,

    Heart and Soul: Writing Becomes Before Editing

    Editing is important. I think we've probably covered that here before, and its particularly crucial for those of us into self publishing, but while that fact remains undisputed, editing is of course the final stage of the game and without the writing itself, editing doesn't mean very much at all. What I'm trying to say is that one should not get too carried away with the importance of editing to the exclusion of all else. Indeed, there is a school of thought (and one that just for a change I do actually share myself, by the way) that a writer should not start worrying about the editing process until long after the main bulk of the work (the actual writing) is complete.

    The writing itself is often far more from the heart than from the analytical, critical mind, and too much emphasis on the editing early on in the writing process can ultimately detract from what should be an almost instinctual process. After it's over, you can go back, edit, and clean it all up to the best possible standard but the writing should be straight from the heart.

    One way to encourage this kind of writing is to brainstorm. Brainstorming words or even just images related to the story you are wanting to tell can produce some surprising and striking results and is one of the most highly recommended methods for kick-starting the whole creative process. Over the coming days, I'll take a look at other recommended ways for writing from a more instinctual level.

    p.s. Being technical is fine for the editing process, but writing is about heart and soul.

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