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    Graham Martin Johnson - Author of Any Old Iron Question Time

    Date Posted: 01/06/2015 | Category: Author Blogs, Self Publishing, Editing, Writing, Marketing, Books, Blog,

    Graham Martin Johnson - Author of Any Old Iron Question Time

    Author Name: Graham Martin Johnson

    Book Title: Any Old Iron

    What inspired you to start writing?

    On travels amongst a group of a dozen or so if a subject came up, and I thought my input would be on benefit, I would add-in but that was all it was. However, two lads (who had not communicated with each other) said to me that the “stories” I told may be of interest and amusement to others and that I should seriously think about putting pen to paper. So this I did but never at any stage felt that in time and after just telling of football related stories, it would end up in book form

    How long did your manuscript take to complete?

    Hard to recall because after publishing mistakes in a major football team's match day magazine / programme, the only way I felt to “make myself feel better” was to get the facts put out correctly by getting it “out there” in another way of text format

    Did you suffer from writer's block?

    If so what advice do you have for other authors who are struggling? Not once I got properly started, the recollection of memories that otherwise would probably never returned to mind-set thrilled me. Laughing, cheering, singing, as well as the tears.

    Do you wish you had to start to write sooner in life? 

    I had always enjoyed writing made-up imaginary stories as a kid but no, not really. 

    Any tips or advice for other authors out there wanting to self-publish? 

    It can be very strong going, frustrating and yet at the same time, educational and very enjoyable. Determination is paramount, even when difficulties in the writing or even finding the time (as will happen) occur. If you are enjoying what you are doing, despite my just mentioned brief examples of deterrent, carrying on is most likely to happen

    How did you find the process of self-publishing with Spiderwize?

    Spiderwize were excellent, having never read a book other than one or perhaps two as a very young juvenile I had absolutely no idea how to get started or even start. Spiderwize were so patient the outcome of the book and its typed presentation I could not fault and to think... me... I’d written a book... WRITTEN a book, of course, it was edited which was a dream when it came out, the editing was absolutely TOP DRAWER


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