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    Earning money out of Self Publishing - the truth

    Date Posted: 04/02/2012 | Category: Self Publishing, Marketing,

    Earning money out of Self Publishing - the truth

    This self publishing game is okay, some of you - especially newcomers to the field - may be thinking, but can I actually earn any money at it? After all, unless it's a real personal project where the author only wants a few copies to show his family and friends and for his own personal pleasure, the great majority of writers would like to see something for their efforts - something such as decent money, mainly.

    Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule for how much you can earn as a self published author. Book authors do not get a salary - how much they earn depends on how many of their books they can sell and what royalties they then receive from those sales. Some self published authors have been successful enough to earn something like 100,000 US dollars inside of six months. Others would be lucky if they earned that much in a lifetime. Some self published authors, of course, can end up selling not so much as one copy of their book, so you can probably guess how much they're earning.

    The truth is that the success of a book is something like 20 per cent writing, 80 per cent marketing, so to be a success as a self published writer, being a good writer simply isn't enough - you need to be a good, if not great, marketer as well.

    p.s. Quality writing and canny marketing skills are the only ways to make good profit as a self published author.

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