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    Book Review: The Voyage by Tony Amca

    Date Posted: 19/10/2018 | Category:

    Book Review: The Voyage by Tony Amca

    The Voyage synopsis

    Tony takes a holiday down at his cottage on the south coast of Cornwall, ready to enjoy some peace and quiet by the sea. On his first day there he meets Vera and the two hit it off over dinner at Vera’s house that evening. However, the comfortable evening is shattered when mysterious noises and strange figures start appearing in Vera’s cottage. The two make a run to Tony’s house, only to find themselves followed there by human-like transparent figures.

    They awake to find themselves onboard the Guardian Ship, being transported to Vluvidium. They soon discover that this new and exciting world they are being taken to will be their home and they will be unable to return to Earth.

    Yet, despite their upheaval, Tony and Vera happily settle into their new lives, absorbed by the technology and people of Vluvidium. They build friendships, relationships and expand their knowledge and evolve beyond the human race, knowing that life will never be the same again. And all the while, this perfect world they have entered is under threat from Tovian invasion, another race who want to strike the greatest bargain of all – to take the Earth.

    What we liked about The Voyage?

    Reading The Voyage you’ll enter a whole new and fascinating world. As Tony and Vera gradually discover their new surroundings, you’ll be immersed in a setting that is like nothing you’ve read about before. The writing is vivid and descriptive and the scene setting paints a picture of a place you’ll want to know more and more about.

    The Voyage touches on ideas that may challenge traditional concepts that are familiar to you, particularly around relationships and the way we live our life. Not only is it a gripping and enthralling story, but it also offers a commentary on conventional life.

    Why should you read The Voyage?

    Transport yourself into the wonderful world of Vluvidium, miles ahead of our own planet and a fascinating place to explore. You’ll slowly uncover an alternative universe complete with all the technology, gadgets and wonder you might expect from an advanced and futuristic place.

    The Voyage is just the start of Tony and Vera’s adventures together, and you’ll certainly want to read the next instalment of the Vluvidium series in quick succession, after you’ve spent The Voyage engrossed in such a fantastical place. The book in itself is a captivating read and it feels like you’ve just dipped your toe into an ocean of excitement and new experiences.

    The Voyage is book one in The Vluvidium Collection

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